Akash Patel

Chief Executive Officer


I specialized in developing and design Android (Java/Kotlin) native apps and have over 5 years of experience in commercial software.

I prefer to use common design patterns and development methodologies and always try to contribute my knowledge to a development process.

I have been working on a broad variety of projects: mobile banking apps, mobile clients for enterprise systems, educational and entertaining apps. I’ll work with you every step of the way to take your idea from the initial design stages through to the successful launch of your finished app on the Google Play Store.

Some of the main features I deliver are:
*Mobile App Development
*Native Android Development
*Native Kotlin Development
*IOS to Android Conversion
*App optimization
*App bug fixes

Some of my skills include:
*Mobile Development Programming languages: Java, Kotlin
*Mobile Development IDE: Xcode, Android Studio
*Mobile Development Frameworks: Cocoa, Cocoa-Touch, Android Native SDK, Google Maps Services
*Social Frameworks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
*Web Services for Mobile: RESTful APIs, HTTP, JSON, XML, RSS, SOAP, PHP
*Database: SQLlite, Realm, MySQL Database
*Push Notification and Local Notification, Calendar, Alarm, Reminder
*Source Repository, Github, SVN, BitBucket

My priorities are:
– Clean and readable code
– Bug-free
– Delivery in a timely manner.


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Contact Info

Phone : (91)-9913880209
Email : akash@thebitecode.com