Node JS Development

Node JS Development

At Bite Code we understand what you exactly expect from Node.js development services. Our developers are experienced on working with the Node.js framework and know the different features that can give you maximum returns on your investment in Node.js application development. Our dedicated Node.js developers commit to providing you rapid and cost effective Node.js solutions.

Advantages of Choosing Node JS Framework

  • It is fast
  • It encourages sharing
  • Right fit for real time applications
  • Node.js serves as proxy server
  • Effective single codebase
  • Node.js has a strong presence in IoT and cloud stacks
  • Important for data sensitive applications
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Experience and Expertise Node JS Development

Event Driven & Non Blocking

Node js is event-driven and non-blocking. These characteristics of the Node.js framework give it an edge over the other server-side languages.

Uses Google Chrome's V8 Engine

It makes use of the Google Chrome’s V8 engine which helps execute the development requests extremely fast.


This feature makes node js one of the most lightweight and effective server-side frameworks.

Perfect for Data Intensive & Real Time Apps

It is perfect for data-intensive and real-time apps that run on distributed devices and that’s why top brands like eBay, Netflix, Yahoo!, Uber, PayPal etc.

Server-side Proxy

Node Js framework can handle server-side proxy with ease while collecting data from multiple sources with a different response rate.

Support & Maintenance

Our dedicate node js development team has a genuine approach towards client requirements for application support and maintenance after deployment or installation.

Our Node Js Development Services

  • Node.js Server Side Development
  • Node.js API Development & Integration
  • Ecommerce & Shopping Cart Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Plug-in Development
  • Node.js Web Development
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