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Corona Guide At Your Fingertips

The COVID – 19 pandemic has shaken everyone to the core. As it is unchartered territory, every country is making maximum efforts to keep its people safe. While medical equipment is being manufactured and distributed on a large scale to handle the increasing number of infected patients, some awareness and precaution are expected from the public’s end too. Now, the question arises that how is it possible on a global scale? Well, the answer is technology.

Humans have always turned to technology whenever they have faced an uncertain situation. COVID – 19 is no less than a disaster. Once again we will turn to technology and look for means for protection against COVID – 19. As the medical teams across the world are working round the clock to save the human race from this deadly virus. There is some contribution that the IT industry can do too. Keeping this in mind, the Bite Code presents to you 2019 nCov Live – a mobile app that will be your COVID – 19 guide at your fingertips.

2019 nCov Live is a mobile app by the Bite Code team to ensure maximum safety and awareness among the people. It will not only provide updates to the users but also provides contact information just in case someone gets infected. The app will act as your complete guide in the COVID – 19 pandemic. Are you wondering that you can get updates from Google too then why an application?

Yes, Google can offer updates, but as some of you are working from home, it is better if an app notifies you of any major updates in the situation. Moreover, checking the dashboard on a mobile app is any day better than searching for each piece of information on Google. Mobile apps have proved to be way more convenient as compared to searching for every information on Google.

Now, let’s talk a bit about the 2019 nCov Live application. Firstly, the app will provide data about the total number of cases across the world. The information is bifurcated on the basis of countries and continents. Do you prefer detailed updates on the COVID – 19 cases? The app has got you covered for that too! The 2019 nCov Live app will provide you state-wise information on the COVID – 19 cases but only for India and the USA.

If you are thinking that is this the app all about? Then the answer is no. It will also provide basic information such as the symptoms of COVID – 19 and the precautionary measures for the same. You can find the helpline numbers in case of an emergency but again the contact numbers are only for India. The 2019 nCov Live app will also make the process of getting the latest updates on the virus easier. Right now, in case any country achieves a major breakthrough or if there is some research being done on COVID – 19, you can get more information about it through two sources. Either you Google it or switch to news channels. The app will save you from all these efforts. It will notify you of such updates. Then it is ultimately on you whether you want to get into its details or not.

Here are the app features listed in brief: 

  • Coronavirus patients in each country 
  • Coronavirus patients in each continent 
  • Coronavirus patients in the states of India & the USA 
  • Coronavirus symptoms & preventions 
  • Related news 
  • Coronavirus helpline numbers in India

This simplified description of the app features should be enough to say that it will act as your guide in the COVID – 19 pandemic. It doesn’t matter whether you are facing an emergency or just want updates about the situation across the globe, the 2019 nCov Live app has got you covered!

Sound good now?

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