ColorOS 7 Launched in India by Oppo: Features & More

Oppo has launched its latest Android-based custom OS version in India called ColorsOS 7. Colors OS 7 has already been launched in China a few days back. Colors OS 7 is based on Oppo’s Infinite Design Concept which is meant to simplify the user interface.

Oppo has planned to release this OS version for more than 20 plus smartphones such as Reno, Find, F, K, and A series. It is going to be launched in China, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and Europe.

The entire roadmap for the launch of ColorOS 7 that starts in January 202 has also been revealed. The first phones to get it are Realme 3 Pro and Realme XT. In February, Realme X and Realme 5 pro will get ColorOS 7. Realme X2 Pro in March and Realme 3 and Realme 3i in April. In May, it will be launched on Realme 5 and Realme 5s. Finally, in June Realme 2 Pro will have ColorOS 7.

Now, that we have given you the roadmap, let’s talk about something that has caused all the hype around ColorOS 7. The Features!

Features of ColorOS 7

  • As mentioned earlier, ColorOS 7 is based on the Infinite design concept and has a lightweight UI. ColorOS 7 is being called the largest update for the Color Operating System.
  • A lot of privacy based features have been added. Privacy features like Personal Information Protection option will help the users to keep their personal information secure from third-party applications. The other two major additions in the privacy settings are Payment Protection and File Protection. Apart from this, the latest ColorOS includes a Private Safe for users to transfer their media files to a secure zone in the phone’s storage. This privacy feature will block other apps from having access to your important content.
  • Apart from the brilliant security features, this OS has a Smart Sidebar where you can have your favorite apps and tools at the side of the screen. ColorOS 7 also comes with the new Soloop video editing app. For the Indian audience, the ColorOS 7 also has features like Smart Riding and Riding Mode.
  • Furthermore, a localized feature called DocVault has been included. It will integrate the government’s DigiLocker service in ColorOS 7 to enable you to store all your official documents with ease.
  • All the localization has been carried out majorly by the Oppo’s R&D department in Hyderabad. The department consists of more than 280 members that focus solely on localizing the localized features and assist the global ColorOS team in the creation of globalized features.
  • ColorOS 7 includes the CachePreload that is meant to open and start applications faster than the custom skin version prior to this. There is oMem which understands the user habits and shift and allocates resources of the phone accordingly. This feature is said to improve the RAM utilization by approximately 40% and increase the system response by 30%. ColorOS 7 includes oSense too, as a scheduling mechanism that gives importance to front-end and user-related threads first.
  • Oppo claims that ColorOS 7 will improve the gaming experience too. It has improved the touch response by 21.6% and the frame rate by 38%. Overall, there are various performance improvements and interface-level tweaks on the existing ColorOS version.
  • Some other amazing features of ColoOS 7 include full icon customization and an overall Dark mode. Dark Mode is to provide the users with a great reading experience at all times of the day and reduce the battery usage. The new weather intuitive alarm will adjust your alarm sounds to the weather outside. One of the live wallpapers’ set is dedicated exclusively to some of the iconic India monuments. The live wallpapers feature is in sync with ColorOS’ vision to be a “window to the world”.
ColorOS 7 Supported Device List
  • Oppo Reno
  • Oppo Reno 10x Zoom
  • Oppo Find X
  • Oppo RX17 Pro


Overall, the design in ColorOS 7 will deliver a clearer and crisper touch response sounds with a more realistic touch experience. Its collaboration with Denmark’s audio design company Epic Sound will also upgrade the overall sound system. As the sound effects are inspired by nature, users will get a comfortable listening experience. 

To sum it up, it can be said that the launch of ColorOS 7 in India will set the benchmark high for Android phones. Other brands will be compelled to up their features game.

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