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Angular Development

Angular 10: Latest Features & Updates

Angular 10 has been released in the beta version on 24th June 2020. Note that...
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ios features

iOS 14: New Features To Watch Out For!

The debate of Android vs iOS is eternal. The fans of both platforms keep arguing...
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11 Best Features in the Android 11 Developer Preview

It doesn’t seem like a very long back since people started using Android 10. But...
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An Updated Google Maps Will Now Show Trending Spots Near You

Google Maps has turned 15 this year! Yes, Google Maps is an integral part of...
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Neon’s Artificial Humans – Everything You Need to Know!

Virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri have become a part of our everyday life. This...
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Samsung’s SelfieType – An Invisible AI Keyboard for Phones!

The CES 2020 saw a lot of amazing prospects for technology. Samsung’s SelfieType is one...
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ColorOS 7 Launched in India by Oppo: Features & More

Oppo has launched its latest Android-based custom OS version in India called ColorsOS 7. Colors...
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10 things to know about Android 10

Android 10 – the fresher than fresh version of Google’s mobile operating system – is...
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