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Angular Development

Angular 10: Latest Features & Updates

Angular 10 has been released in the beta version on 24th June 2020. Note that this version is smaller than the previous versions of Angular. You can expect this updated version to focus more on...
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ios features

iOS 14: New Features To Watch Out For!

The debate of Android vs iOS is eternal. The fans of both platforms keep arguing about who is copying whose features. Let’s face it some or the other time, the set of features will end...
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11 Best Features in the Android 11 Developer Preview

It doesn’t seem like a very long back since people started using Android 10. But here we are with the release of Android 11 developers preview. We won’t know the exact features of Android 11...
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An Updated Google Maps Will Now Show Trending Spots Near You

Google Maps has turned 15 this year! Yes, Google Maps is an integral part of our daily lives as it acts as a guide in all the unknown places we are out to explore. Google...
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Neon’s Artificial Humans – Everything You Need to Know!

Virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri have become a part of our everyday life. This is nothing but AI-driven technology that helps us on a regular basis. As the tech world is increasingly experimenting with...
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